About Us

Our Mission

We exist to reinvent the health system in America, enhancing lives with compassion, respect and better care.

Our Vision

ChronWell is the future of workers' compensation. We will lead with technology and place the worker first to transform care delivery. Our goal is to ensure the injured worker has a top-notch experience and gets back to work better and faster, at a lower cost.

We will be a valuable and trusted partner to all our stakeholders.

Our Culture

Culture matters!

It is a collection of beliefs and behaviors that guide the way employees interact with one another and those outside the organization. But culture is even more, it is the vibe, the ecosystem that drives all we do to achieve our mission.

At ChronWell, we believe that the only way to achieve extraordinary results is by providing an amazing work environment that values its team members for their hard work and commitment. A place that allows its team members to grow every day. A meritocracy of diverse leaders (pathfinders, trendsetters and innovators) focused on setting new limits: individually and as a team. A place where great ideas win!

At ChronWell, we measure success not only by the lives of injured workers we serve and impact positively, but by the employee lives we touch. Mark Twain said brilliantly that “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” At ChronWell, we take great pride in allowing each individual to uncover their gift to the world and getting out of the way to allow each and every ChronWeller to give the world their gift. As a firm and a team, we are committed to putting employees first to be one of America’s best places to work!

Our People

The ChronWeller is a passionate explorer who lives to disrupt. Humble and hungry, problem solvers always reaching for new heights, setting new limits and showing the world something previously not thought possible. An un-conflicted transparent force for good, doing the right thing for the team and all the stakeholders we serve.

We are here to change the world.

Our Core Values

ChronWell is a values driven organization. For a team member to become part of our family, it is non-negotiable that they live our core values. After all, if our culture provides the ecosystem for success, it is our 5 core values that ultimately ensure that we continue to have a thriving ecosystem to achieve what was previously not thought possible.

Those that lead the way at ChronWell know to:

Be Passionate
It all starts with passion. It is passion that gives you the courage and resolve to accomplish great things. A conviction to overcome obstacles that present themselves along the way in a smart way. ChronWellers have muscle and brawn but they lead with their heart! We respect the passion that lives within each team member and encourage one another to live a life with purpose.

Be Transparent
At the base of any great relationship is transparency. Candor – being open and honest in expression. The freedom that comes with being free of conflict and gives us the ability to hold each other accountable and to do the right thing for ChronWell and all its stakeholders. Candor is a gift that given with respect and love, can help us all grow.

Have A Bias For Action
Get it done! Plan to execute and then execute the plan! Take the ball and run with it. Confront and own challenges.

Set New Limits
Achieving great things requires incredibly high standards. High standards for the team and ourselves. It’s about waking every day and learning something new – about growing individually and as a team every day! It’s about challenging conventional wisdom. It’s about being willing to fail, and learning from failure, to innovate.

Be A Force For Good
In your community, at home, at work and for all those that we serve. We are all family. Lead by example. Be humble.

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